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!Swarovski Rhinestone Clearance Sale!

Rhinestones for General Production

Lead free / Cadmium Free  

SS6, SS10, SS16, SS20, SS30 available for color stones with CPSIA requirment quality.

Safety Guideline for Heat-Transfer
All bulk goods are below 10PPM and maximum 20PPM in lead(CPSIA Limit is below 90PPM).

Cadmium : Rhinestones are below 100PPM for Bristol(EU standard).

Rhinestone_lead free.jpg

Skin Contact Position Style 

 For Skin Direct Contact checking is made by EN-12472/EN-1811,  EN-12472 test method is 
-Make hurt in two hour by oxidation.
-And put in salty water(Fake sweat) for one week.
-After one week, estimating how many nickel are released in 1㎠ square container. If over 50~28/10,000,000,000(50㎍), it is failing. Problem is material have nickel or no having is not the issue. Even no having nickel material/color also can release nickel by chemical reaction because there have hidden energy/magnetic.   




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